Single Set

Whether you need to find room in a tight space or just want a solid surface to stretch, our Single Set platforms are designed for you. They easily accommodate single pieces of equipment including cycling bikes, weight benches, yoga mats and rowing machines.
Woman riding an exercise bike on a 4'x6' Anji MTX mat
Man doing yoga on 4'x6' Anji MTX mat

Circuit Set

A great option for those with multiple pieces of equipment, Circuit Set platforms allow you to easily rotate back and forth between sets while providing stability and keeping your floors protected at all times.
Man exercising 6'x8' Anji MTX exercise platform
Two women exercising on 6'x8' Anji MTX exercise platform

Room Set

Build out your full gym with our Room Set platforms. Like the name implies, these options cover an entire room’s worth of equipment giving you the full gym experience you've only dreamt of—until now.
Overhead view of man and woman working out on 10'x10' exercise platform
Man and woman working out on 10'x10' exercise platform
Choosing the right size Anji MTX Exercise Platform is essential to getting the most out of your space and workout. We suggest the following steps before choosing a size option.
  1. Measure the space where the platform is being placed. Ensure that you have at least 12”-18” on each side to support your movement throughout a workout.
  2. Evaluate what pieces of equipment will be used on the platform. Measure each piece of equipment and estimate the distance between each piece to optimize usage and create safe distances.
  3. Determine if more than one person will be using the platform at once – if so, we only recommend Room Set options.
  4. Determine if the platform will be broken down and stored away between uses or remain assembled on your floor. Each individual plate of the platform measures approximately 24”x24”x1”. Plates safely stack on top of each other without issue and fit easily into a standard closet space.